A Great Place to Work

Express Car Wash is part of a family owned car wash company that operates 22 car washes in 7 states. We have been in the PEOPLE business since 1963! We wash cars, but what separates us from competitors and other businesses is OUR PEOPLE. Our guests visit us for a memorable experience that OUR PEOPLE create.  Our turnover is less than 10% per year, an unheard of statistic in retail. We are always looking for friendly, caring, enthusiastic and engaged PEOPLE to join our team.


Alex ‐ 10 Years – General Manager

I am proud to be a part of Express Car Wash for the past several years. I am very thankful for the opportunity the company gave me to develop my skills and gain experience in the industry. All these years have been filled with learning and growing within the company. I look forward to many more years with Express and to continue contributing to the growth of the company.


Tim ‐ 25 Years – Detail Manager

I have had the honor to work with the Express Car Wash for over 25 years. My tenure at the Express Car Wash has been an absolute pleasure! Our Service Advisors out front are friendly, helpful and fast. Our Detail Service Team are some of the most loyal and hardworking gentlemen I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I look forward to continued growth with the company.


Jose  ‐ 12 Years – Detailer

I like that we are busy all the time and making the guests I serve feel great about their vehicles. I enjoy the team spirit and the friend I have at Express.

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Ronald “Mr. Wonderful”  ‐ 24 Years – Full Service

I joined the Express Car Wash Team 24 Years ago. I love making our guests happy by doing the little extras they ask for. A great place to work.

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Franz  ‐ 9 Years – Full Service Captain

I love working at Express and making guests happy. The benefits like Paid Vacation and Holiday Bonuses make a big difference for me and my family.